About me
Therapy Dog
Smoky the War Dog

This is my fire truck.  I'm most famous for it because I've won tons of costume contests in it, but it's real.  It has real lights, a siren, and two water cannon that can shoot over ten feet out each side to put out fires.  It even tows a trailer with a fireplug on it which is my Port-A-Pawty for use on the job!

We really LOVE our veterans!  They have sacrificed so much for us.  When I go out to events for them I go in my WWII M5 Stuart tank.  It's pretty fancy.  It is electric with R/C control that Daddy drives for me.  It does everything a big tank does including make sounds like one, it has a turret that rotates, and best of all a water cannon that can shoot over 25 feet.  It's great for hunting squirrels!  We tow a trailer that salutes our Vets with flags and a banner that says "real heroes wear dog tags, not capes!" 

I've won a lot of contests in this too, and one even re-wrote the rules to keep me out, but that's OK.  We do this to honor our Veterans.  They are the most important thing!

I'm a big Cubs fan!  Here's my Cubsmobile Daddy made for me.  It's a tribute to the famous Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray complete with his favorite saying and favorite beverage.  It also has a bubble machine, and I wear big glasses just like Harry used to!  That's because he used to drink so much Budweiser he needed them to see!

When I go out I go in style!  I have a custom limousine that has flowers, a working bubble machine, lots of lights that flash, a bottle of champagne with glasses, a radio that plays "Sharp Dressed Man",  and my name on the side.  My chauffer is Cedric the Owl.  I always dress up too in my tuxedo!

I've won a bunch of contests in my limo including the "LTD Commodities" national contest.  I got lots of nice prizes from them.  They've got some really cool things!

We really like the movie Jaws.  Daddy has a friend who worked on the movie and used to fix the shark (named Bruce) when it broke down all the time.  Daddy built this boat for me which is named ORCA after the real boat, and put together this float we can use for contests.  Mommy made my costume which is really cool!  We haven't really used it much as it's kind of big, but we will soon I'm sure!

Christmas is my favorite time of year (after Summer) and I love to help Santa deliver presents to people.  Daddy made this sleigh for me and it carries gifts for doggies and pets.  It isn't a big as Santa's so I only need to have Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer pull it, but he does a great job and sings his song while he does.  Mommy says I deliver the best presents to people when I make them smile and be happy!