About me
Therapy Dog
Smoky the War Dog

I was born in Missouri at Gray's Precious Puppies http://www.luvdgpuppies.com/  Donna loves her puppies so much and gives them lots of attention, careful upbringing, and plenty of room to play and have fun.  She has a big farm in the country with lots of different animals and a lake where we could splash in the water and run through the grass.  It was a wonderful place to start my life!

When I was old enough to leave I went to live with Gramma 'Ginia in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  She wanted a little doggie to sit with her and watch TV, but she didn't know how to take care of a little Yorkie puppy and I got very sick and almost died.  They rushed me to Geneva Lakes Animal Hospital https://genevalakesanimalhospital.com/ where Dr. Kelly Roy saved my life.  She even took me home with her every night to make sure I was ok.  She's the greatest doggie doctor ever!!!

When I was well enough to go home Gramma 'Ginia's daughter said I couldn't go back there and I would come home with her.  That's how I got my new mommy and daddy!

I came to my new home in Schaumburg Il. with my forever mommy who is a chart-topping recording artist (http://www.denisebrigham.com) and daddy who is a producer and talent agent.  We have lots of fun and get to hang out with some pretty famous people.  I sat on Pat Boone's lap when we took his limo to a theater once and he petted me all the way there!

When Mommy and Daddy adopted me she actually needed a doggie to take care of her so I was trained to be her "service doggie".  I worked really hard to learn how to care for her and I did so good that they decided to teach me how to be "therapy dog" as well.  It wasn't easy, but I've learned how and now we have so much fun.  We visit lots of senior homes, libraries, and other public places where I make people smile, laugh, and be happy.  It's really great that I can make that happen!