About me
Therapy Dog
Smoky the War Dog

I belong to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  It is a wonderful organization that trains nice doggies like me to go out and help others by making their lives happier.  We go visit seniors, children and others to make them smile and give them someone to pet and love.  I personally like to give lots of kisses!

Anyone who would like to get involved in this great program should contact the Alliance of Therapy Dogs here: https://www.therapydogs.com/  In order to become a certified Therapy Dog the doggies have to learn all their obedience commands, pass the Canine Good Citizen test from the American Kennel Club, and then go through the ATD training program.  During the training they will learn how to deal with distractions, other doggies, and most importantly the "leave it" command.  Once they've mastered everything they have to go through onsite evaluations and when completed they are accepted into the program.  Certified dogs are covered for insurance through ATD and often team up with other area doggies to make visits.  It's a lot of fun!