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Smoky the War Dog

Smoky was a 4 lb. Yorkie just like me and she became the greatest Yorkshire Terrier EVER!  She was rescued from the jungles of Papua New Guinea in WWII when Private Downey's Jeep broke down in just the right place to find her, and then she went on to become the #1 mascot of the South Pacific, a great war hero, and the world's first official Therapy Dog of record.

Smoky was very smart and learned over 200 tricks she could perform to entertain the troops between missions.  She went on visit many hospitals caring for wounded and sick soldiers and sailors and became so famous that today's Therapy Dog programs are base on her.  She also became the most decorated doggie in history earning medals of honor from both the U.S. and Australia for the lives she saved. She was AMAZING!

Smoky's story has been featured on the TV show "Monumental Mysteries" and her owner and trainer, Cpl. Bill Wynne, has written a book about her called "Yorkie Doodle Dandy". You can order it online at Amazon or from her website http://smokywardog.com

We are good friends with Cpl. Wynne and Daddy is working hard with him and his family to get her story made into a movie!

Smoky's Movie

We're working on the movie for Smoky and we need your help!  We have decided to create a short film that will be shown at film festivals and special events in conjunction with Dean Love Films.  Shooting is expected to start in August and we need to raise funds to make this the best possible presentation.  An IndieGoGo page has been started to help with this and we're asking everyone to go to the site and donate to the project.  There is no minimum, anything will help!  Here is the site:http://smokyfilm.com