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September 2018 - It's almost time for the Fall Halloween contests to start so Daddy's busy building me some new costumes.  Meanwhile we just attended two big WWII reenactments, one in Lockport and the other in Rockford, where we had a booth representing Smoky The War Dog.  Daddy took my tank to both of them and I had a lot of fun driving around in it and squirting the kids with water.  They really loved it!

June 2018 - Daddy built me a HOT ROD!  It's my new '57 Chevy convertible that I'll take to some of the car shows this Summer.  It's customized with a tubbed chassis, mag wheels, bright red paint with a white interior, and a really BIG blower!  Mommy made me a leather jacket with a cool leather cap.  I'll be RIDIN'

April 2018 - BOY! I hate winter.  We haven't been able to do much because of all the cold and snow, but it should start to get nice outside soon.  I can't wait to be able to go out for walks and chase the squirrels.

Meanwhile we have gone out to a few Senior Homes for therapy visits and Mommy had two concerts where I rode out on stage in my tank. Not much else to do until the weather gets nicer!

Pet Costume Contests - The last half of the month went by so fast it's a blur.  In all the Santa Paws costume Mommy and Daddy made for me this year won every contest we entered, 8 in all, and I got some really nice prizes and toys!  Most of what I won we're donating to animal shelters for the needy doggies and kitties, but I'm keeping a couple of toys.  In all I've now won 69 contests the last few years and I guess there will one more next month.  We have fun and everybody seems to like seeing my costumes.  Now Daddy's trying to figure out what to make for next year!

Pooch-A-Palooza - Just got back from Evanston where the new Quad 4 Recreation Center held their first annual doggie festival.  Part of the fest was a costume contest with prizes for big doggies and small doggies, and I won the small doggie contest.  They had lots of great vendors there and fun things to do as well so we had a great time.  I won lots of nice treats and prizes and I'll be nice and share some with my sister Tootsie.  She's sad 'cause auntie Mandy went to Disney World and left her behind with Mommy, Daddy and me.  Haven't seen her much though, she's been hiding under blankets because of the thunderstorms.

Highwood Pumpkin Fest - WOW!  Today was the big Highwood Pumpkin Festival which is one of the biggest in Illinois, and I won the pet costume contest in my new Santa's Sleigh dressed as Santa Paws.  This was the third time in four years I've won this event.  I got lots of nice prizes and a medal.  It's the 63rd costume contest I've won Daddy said.  He wasn't happy because he had to dress up like Santa and he got very hot, and his beard got tangled in his mouth, but I told him I'd share one of my bones with him.

The video of the three winners is on my Facebook page.

Elk Grove Costume Contest - We went to the Elk Grove Pet Costume Contest yesterday and I won the trophy and prize for "The Most Creative Costume" in my Santa's Sleigh.  We had lots of fun and I met lots of other doggies there.  I got a trophy and some really nice treats.  Daddy was happy because he didn't have to dress up like Santa.

October Festivals  There will be lots of festivals now with Halloween approaching and we've got a lot to go to.  We can't do them all but we'll be at Elk Grove's, the Highwood Pumpkin Fest, and a parade in Bollingbrook.  I won Elk Grove's last year, and I was a two time champion at the Pumpkin Fest.  Hopefully the weather will be nice.  We'll try to get pictures!

Fromm fest 2017  Mommy was good enough to make it to Fromm Fest and we arrived there very early so Daddy could get a good parking place.  We took my new updated Santa's sleigh and everyone loved it. It was really hot and Daddy wasn't happy to have to dress up like Santa, but I got third in the owner/pet look-alike contest!  Every year we've gone there I've placed in the contests including winning the very first Fromm Fest.  It's always a lot of fun.  I'm sorry I don't have any pictures yet, but Mommy couldn't take any with her broken arm and Daddy forgot his phone.  He also couln't see through his Santa's beard and was kind of crabby.  He kept muttering things but I don't think it was Ho Ho Ho.

The Smoky Movie  Daddy just got back from Hollywood where he was working on the movie about Smoky.  Things are going good and he's very excited about the project.