About Me

I was born at Gray’s Precious Puppies in Lancaster Mo. and had a really fun life on her farm until I went to live with Gramma Virginia in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  She wanted a little doggie who would sit on her lap and keep her company but she didn’t know how to take care of me and I got real sick and almost died.  I was rushed to Geneva Lakes Animal Hospital where they took excellent care of me until I got better, then I went to Gramma Virginia’s daughter to live in my new forever home.

My new mommy and daddy love me very much and i was trained to be mommy’s service doggie for her PTSD.  I go everywhere with her now and I take really good care of her.  She is a recording artist so we have lots of fun and I’m actually part of her shows.  Daddy is a producer and agent so we get to go cool places and hang out with some famous people and doggies!