Three Digits!!!

After a quiet Winter (thanks Covid) things are finally returning to “normal”.  We’re out doing Therapy Visits again and it is so much fun meeting the seniors and kids and seeing the smiles on their faces.  The contests are finally starting up too and last weekend was the annual Elmhurst Pet Parade that has been held for decades until Covid shut it down for the last two years.  I won two categories in my Mercedes and tuxedo and that makes 100 wins now in my career!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!  We’re looking forward to more this year!

2021 Halloween Update

Well Halloween 2021 is over now and I was able to get a couple more costume contest wins before time ran out.  We’re now at 98, just three short of what Daddy was hoping for.  There weren’t as many this year and several got cancelled because of Covid fears.  Still, we did OK and I won several hundred dollars worth of prizes, mostly in my tank or my rocket ship.  Daddy has big plans for next year so stay tuned.  Also check out my newest car, it’s a 1937 Mercedes Benz 540K.  It’s really pretty and cool.

Now it’s off to the workshop!

2021 LaGrange Pet Parade

Hi folks, Hairy here.  Things are slowly (very slowly) getting back to “normal”.  We’ve had a couple of therapy visits at the Oaks, and one at P.U.R.S.U.I.T. in Hanover Park, but that’s all so far in 2021.  There have only been a couple of costume contests, one in Oakbrook and one in Brookfield, and I won both of them.  There was one in Long Grove for their Irish Festival, but the judges were three 8 year old girls they picked out of the audience who didn’t understand the process and just picked the first dog in each category, and I was the third.  Oh well.

Last Saturday was the LaGrange Pet Parade, the largest spectator pet event in the Midwest, maybe the U.S.  Every year they draw 50,000 to 100,000 people to line the mile and a half route, and they’ve been doing it for 75 years!!!  It used to be strictly for kids and their dogs but now they’ve opened it up with an adult division too, and I won it in my tank!  I got a nice trophy plus gift certificates mommy and daddy can use to go shopping.  It was fun!

7-10-21 Bloomingdale Patriotic Pet Parade

Saturday July 10th 2021 – Today was the Bloomingdale Patriotic Pet Parade and I won first place in my M5 Tank.  I got a great big basket of prizes and goodies but I’m only keeping one bag of cookies, the rest we’re donating to the homeless doggies at the shelter.  It was a lot of fun and we’re so glad to be back doing live events!

Back to (somewhat) normal

Hi friends – It’s been a long time, but then absolutely nothing happened in 2020.  All therapy visits were cancelled, and there were only three costume contests that we know of (I won all three in my rocket ship).  Now it’s 2021 and things are starting to open up again, albeit slowly.  Today we had our first actual therapy visit at The Oaks in Bartlett.  Everyone had to wear those stupid masks, but at least we got to go visit.  We went with our teammate Dolan the Golden Retriever, and everyone was SO GLAD to see us!  We went room by room as there weren’t too many people in the common areas yet. but we all had a lot of fun!  I dressed as a space man and rode in my rocket ship.  We’ll go back again next month.  Not sure which costume  I’ll take, but it will have to be for warmer weather.  Maybe my 57 Chevy or my Ice Cream truck.

First Post

This is my first blog post so I’m really just trying it out to see how it works. We went to the big Volo Car Museum today and walked through all five buildings plus the museum grounds. Well, mommy and daddy walked, I got carried. We had fun, except daddy is really sore right now.