Back to (somewhat) normal

Hi friends – It’s been a long time, but then absolutely nothing happened in 2020.  All therapy visits were cancelled, and there were only three costume contests that we know of (I won all three in my rocket ship).  Now it’s 2021 and things are starting to open up again, albeit slowly.  Today we had our first actual therapy visit at The Oaks in Bartlett.  Everyone had to wear those stupid masks, but at least we got to go visit.  We went with our teammate Dolan the Golden Retriever, and everyone was SO GLAD to see us!  We went room by room as there weren’t too many people in the common areas yet. but we all had a lot of fun!  I dressed as a space man and rode in my rocket ship.  We’ll go back again next month.  Not sure which costume  I’ll take, but it will have to be for warmer weather.  Maybe my 57 Chevy or my Ice Cream truck.