2021 LaGrange Pet Parade

Hi folks, Hairy here.  Things are slowly (very slowly) getting back to “normal”.  We’ve had a couple of therapy visits at the Oaks, and one at P.U.R.S.U.I.T. in Hanover Park, but that’s all so far in 2021.  There have only been a couple of costume contests, one in Oakbrook and one in Brookfield, and I won both of them.  There was one in Long Grove for their Irish Festival, but the judges were three 8 year old girls they picked out of the audience who didn’t understand the process and just picked the first dog in each category, and I was the third.  Oh well.

Last Saturday was the LaGrange Pet Parade, the largest spectator pet event in the Midwest, maybe the U.S.  Every year they draw 50,000 to 100,000 people to line the mile and a half route, and they’ve been doing it for 75 years!!!  It used to be strictly for kids and their dogs but now they’ve opened it up with an adult division too, and I won it in my tank!  I got a nice trophy plus gift certificates mommy and daddy can use to go shopping.  It was fun!